Friday, December 19, 2014

Mazal tov

Mazal tov to Mr. & Mrs. Danny Zegel on the birth of a baby boy!

Mazal tov to the proud grandparents, Dr. & Mrs. Eric Nussbaum!


They will celebrate with a  Shalom Zachar at the Nussbaum home, 6 Stuyvesant Place, tonight at 8:00 PM


May they be zoche to take the baby to his Bris bizmano, and raise him l'Torah l'Chupah ul'Maasim Tovim!



Rabbi Pinchas Chatzinoff

Congregation Tifereth Zvi
26 Columbia Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Slepoy Vort - Mazal Tov!

Mazal Tov!


Everyone is invited to celebrate the Vort of

Yocheved Slepoy and Avi Rogoff

Sunday, December 21, 2014, 1:00-4:00 PM,

at the Slepoy home, 41 Barrett Road, Lawrence

Congregation Tifereth Zvi
26 Columbia Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Schedule for Shabbos & Next Week

Congregation Tifereth Zvi

26 Columbia Avenue, Cedarhurst, New York 11516

Shabbos Schedule

Parshas Miketz/Chanukah



           Candle Lighting …  412 PM  

  Friday Mincha … 4:10 PMfollowed by Kabbalas Shabbos

Repeat K'rias Shema after 5:20 PM


                    Shiur in Iyun Tefilah will meet at 8:00 PM.




   Orchos Tzaddikim … 7:30 a.m. * Gemara Shiur (Gittin) ... 7:45 a.m.


   Shacharis . . . 8:30 a.m., followed by Rabbi Warshaw's gemara shiur, the Rav's Mishna Berura shiur, and the Women's Chaburah with the Rebbetzin.


Kiddush this Shabbos is sponsored by

Mr. & Mrs. Yosi Wittmann 

l'zecher nishmas Meir ben Yosef a"h, whose yahrzeit is 3 Teves


   Rabbi Ross' Mishnayos Shiur for boys … will not meet 


Shabbos Mincha . . .  4:00 PM,   followed by the Shalosh Seudos, with Shiur, and Maariv   

Shalosh Seudos & Shiur this Shabbos are sponsored by

Rabbi & Rebbetzin Chatzinoff

l'zecher nishmas HaGaon HaRav Nuchim Zvi ben HaRav Mordechai zt"l

whose yahrzeit is 4 Teves


       Havdallah (50 minutes) … 5:20 PM 


Father-Son Learning Program will not meet this week.



Rosh Chodesh Teves is Sunday night through Tuesday


Daily Minyan Schedule


Weekday Shacharis 

 Sun.  … 8:00 a.m.;   Mon., Tue., Wed. ... 6:55 a.m. ; Fri. … 7:00 a.m


Sunday Mincha/Maariv :   4:15 PM


Weeknight Maariv : Monday through Wednesday at 8:00 PM


Thursday is a civil holiday: Shacharis at 8:00 a.m.,  Mincha/Maariv at 4:15




Weekday Shiurim Next Week


Sunday ... Shiur in Hilchos Shabbos, with the Rav, meets after Shacharis


      … Hashkafah Shiur, with Dr. Moish Jeger, will not meet this week.


                 …  L'chu v'Nelcha Shiur for women will not meet this week. 


Monday ...  Navi Shiur for boys 3rd - 5th grades, with Rabbi Yitzie Ross – will not meet 


                   … Rav's Gemara Shiur (Sukkah) meets after Maariv (until 10 PM)


Tuesday … "60 Minutes of Torah", with Rabbi Dov Blumberg, at 8:30 PM


Wednesday … Choshen Mishpat shiur meets after Maariv.


Thursday  …  Mussar/Hashkafah Vaad meets at 9:30 PM


        The Blatt Shiur meets next week on Tuesday & Wednesday nights only, at 9:15 PM 


Congregation Tifereth Zvi
26 Columbia Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reminder: Children's Candle Lighting

     Annual Chanukah Candle Lighting 

 All children of the Shul are invited

to join the Rav & Rebbetzin

for candle lighting

on Thursday, December 18 (3rd candle)

4:45 – 5:30 PM

at the Chatzinoff home, 46 Columbia Avenue.

 Join us for lighting, singing, nosh & brachos !

Congregation Tifereth Zvi
26 Columbia Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516