Thursday, July 23, 2015

Schedule for Shabbos - Tisha B'Av - Next week

Congregation Tifereth Zvi

26 Columbia Avenue, Cedarhurst, New York 11516


Shabbos Schedule

Parshas Devarim -- Chazon


FRIDAY NIGHT:                Candle Lighting for early Shabbos … not before 6:50 PM  


Early Shabbos Friday Mincha … 6:30 PMfollowed by Kabbalas Shabbos & Maariv


Repeat K'rias Shema after 9:08 PM

{Standard candle lighting is 8:00 PM}



Orchos Tzaddikim … 7:30 a.m. * Gemara Shiur (Gittin) … 7:45 a.m.


Shacharis . . . 8:30 a.m., followed by the Kiddush, and Rabbi Warshaw's gemara shiur, the Rav's Mishna Berura shiur (Women's Chaburah will not meet).

Kiddush this Shabbos sponsored by Rabbi Tully & Dr. Joan Neumann


   No Pirkei Avos


Shabbos Mincha . . .  6:00 PM    (Shalosh Seudos at home)


All times listed assume that we are compelled to observe Tisha B'Av as in years past.

A new schedule will be announced if we are zoche to the Geulah before then.


Fast begins at sunset … 8:17 PM *  Tzais HaKochavim (50 minutes) .... 9:07 PM  (72 mns . . . 9:29 PM)


One may not make any actual preparations for Tisha B'Av until Shabbos is over.

  Recite "Baruch Hamavdil bein Kodesh leChol" before doing any melachah.


    Maariv & Eichah  . . . . . 9:35 PM  ("Borei Meorei HaEsh" at home)


Sunday - Tisha B'Av (nidche)

    Shacharis …. 8:30 a.m., with Kinos elucidated by the Rav

         Program for Boys 3rd through 8th Grades with Rabbi Yitzie Ross

Kinos and discussion – in basement


     Mincha … 1:35 PM


          Chaburah in Megillas Eicha … 6:45 PM


          Divrei Hisorrerus with the Rav (for men & women) … 8:00 PM


      Maariv … 8:35 PM  (repeat Krias Shema after 9:07 PM)


Fast Ends … 9:00 PM  Havdallah   (no meat or wine until mid-day Monday)



REMINDER: the new Agudas Achim Community Mikvah is open to all women in the community for Friday Night use. It is located at 200 Broadway in Lawrence (near Lawrence Avenue). 


To make an appointment, call 516-239-1541 -- a recording will give the earliest zman for the upcoming Friday night. The caller will be requested to leave her initials and a cell phone number. Her call is returned within 24 hours and a convenient appointment is made.



Daily Minyan Schedule

Weekday Shacharis 

  Mon. & Thu. … 6:50 a.m.; Tue., Wed. & Fri.  … 7:00 a.m.


Monday through Thursday Mincha/Maariv : 8:00 PM



Weekday Shiurim Next Week


Sunday  ... no shiurim


Monday …  Rav's Shiur in Gemara Sukkah meets after Mincha/Maariv


Wednesday … Rav's Shiur in Yoreh Deah meets after Mincha/Maariv 


Thursday … Rav's Shiur in Hashkafah: 13 Principles of Faith meets after Mincha/Maariv


Blatt Shiur with the Rav in Gemara Gittin  is on a Bein Hazemanim hiatus, and will resume August 9.


Congregation Tifereth Zvi
26 Columbia Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Proposed Iran Treaty

We encourage you to contact Senator Schumer, whose leadership role on the Iran issue is significant, at his website (link below), and to be heard.  

Information about tomorrow's rally also appears below. 

Updated Rally Flyer as of 7.18.15

Congregation Tifereth Zvi
26 Columbia Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tomchei Shabbos - Tonight!

We need volunteers to do Tomchei Shabbos deliveries tonight!
If you can volunteer, please contact Naftali Bennett ASAP at or text him at 917-868-5434

Congregation Tifereth Zvi
26 Columbia Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Refuah Sheleimah

Please include the following in your tefillos, b'soch sh'ar cholei Yisroel .. .

Yehudis bas Brana

Esther Leah bas Batya

Batya bas Malka

Avraham Yehudah ben Devida Yehudit

Avraham yehuda ben tamar raizel

Chaya Rochel bas Breindel

Mazal Chaya Bas Miriam

Yinon ben Esther

Dov Ber ben Tuba

Oizer ben Rochel

Yakov ben Tuba

Yisroel ben Eidel

Zvi Hirsh ben Tuba

Gavriel ben Tuba

Tuba bas Eidel

Chana bas Rochel

Shoshana bas Sora

Sarah bas Rut

Betzalel Avraham Tzvi ben Sarah

Tzvi ben Sarah

Moshe ben Chana

Dovid Shmuel ben Chana

Devorah Rachel bas Chaya Shaindel

Chaya Rochel bas Breindel

Raizel Rivka bas Sarah Faiga

Elisheva Malka bas Sarah Miriam

Mordechai ben Sarah

Yitzchak ben Rachel 

Mordechai Reuven ben Miriam

Chaim Dovid ben Rivka

Mordechai Yaakov ben Sheindel

Shmuel Dov ben Esther Shlima

Shalom ben Fradke

Aharon ben Chaya

Avraham Meir Moshe ben Miriam

Moshe ben Chaya Malka

Hoshea ben Chaya Leah

Chaya Tamar Rina bas Rochel Chana

Esther Shlima bas Rochel

Chana bas Leah Yittel

Rivka bas Rochel Leah

Elka bas Devorah

Miriam bas Chaya

Leah bas Rivkah

Chaya Liba bas Malka Itka

Congregation Tifereth Zvi
26 Columbia Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516